United States Declaration of Independence and Multiple Choice Questions

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  • Published : June 23, 2012
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Final Study Guide

This study guide will help you prepare for the course final. The first part of the exam will consist of multiple choice questions; the second part of the exam will consist of short essay questions. The final will cover the material in Out of Many, Chapters 6-9 and Modules 7-11.

The final will be worth 30 points. While the exam will be open from 6/17-6/27, once you open the exam you will only have 4 hours to complete it.

Part I (3 points)

The first part of the exam will consist of 6 multiple choice questions. Each question will be worth .5 points.

Part II (22 points)

Two of the following questions will appear on the exam. You will have to answer them both. Be sure to read each question carefully and answer all parts of the question. You response should be a well-written, carefully thought out response to the issues raised. This is a formal piece of college-level writing and will be graded as such. As a rough guide, your answer should be somewhere in the 300-600 word range. (11 points each)

1. Arrogance and ignorance may be called the twin causes of the American Revolution. Trace and discuss the ways in which the British lost their American colonies. 2. Explain and discuss what you might describe as radical elements in the Declaration of Independence. Do you believe the Revolution was radical or conservative, and why? 3. What issues led to the war between Britain and the United States in 1812? How did each issue contribute to the outbreak of war? Finally, why do some historians refer to the War of 1812 as the "second war for American Independence?" What events after the war give proof that this war for independence was successful? 4. Hamilton and Jefferson represented differing views of revolutionary ideas and ideology. Compare their views. Include a discussion of their influence today. 5. Trace the development of political parties in the U.S. from Washington's to Jefferson's election.

Part III (5 points)...
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