United States Constitution and B. Twenty-first C.

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1. When you buy a U.S. government savings bond, you're doing so under the power given to Congress to A. borrow money. B. print and coin money. C. levy taxes. D. regulate commerce.

2. Which statement about Shays' Rebellion is false?
A. The central government provided troops to quell the rebellion. B. Daniel Shays resigned from the Continental Army. C. Many among the Massachusetts militia joined the rebels. D. Poor farmers could be sent to debtor's prison.

3. The process by which the Constitution was approved by the states is known as A. impeachment. B. levying. C. ratification. D. vetoing.

4. The Eighteenth Amendment, "Prohibition," was reversed by the _______ Amendment. A. Twenty-second B. Twenty-first C. Twentieth D. Nineteenth

5. A bicameral legislature features
A. four equal legislative bodies. B. two legislative bodies. C. one legislative body. D. one hundred equal representatives.

6. Choose the statement from the following choices that best describes the separation of powers. A. Powers and duties of the United States government are decided by a system of direct democracy.

B. Powers and duties of the United States government are divided among three branches of government. C. Powers and duties of the United States government are divided among two branches of government. D. Powers and duties of the United States government are chosen entirely by the President of the United States.

7. The _______ Amendment is the only constitutional amendment...
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