United States Constitution

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  • Published : December 11, 2010
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In the introduction of the book They Take our Jobs!: and 20 other myths about immigration written by Aviva Chomsky, Chomsky picks apart the words in the United States Constitution to support her belief that although immigrants, specifically Latino/Hispanic immigrants, are a large part in today’s U.S. society, they still do not have any rights or protection from the laws of the Constitution. She states that many of the arguments against immigrants in the United States stem from “serious misconceptions” that have been rooted from history up until present day. The view that immigration only brings about more problems and segregations for the host country has been on-going in history. When it comes down to it, a simple analogy could be made: it is difficult for the citizens or “homeowners” to be forced to house immigrants or “strangers” in their own country or home. This idea is then exaggerated and made extreme when times are tough or the people of the United States need a scapegoat to put their problems or the government/societal issues on. The finger is pointed at the group of outcasts—immigrants. They are easy targets. Easy because immigrants who are non-citizens are “legally deprived” of many rights the U.S. Constitution provides for citizens. What many fail to realize, as pointed out in Chacon’s Introduction in No One is Illegal is that immigrants who are here, working, living, and building a life here in the United States contribute a great deal to the overall economy and working class. They take part in the jobs that require heavy manual labor and provide the basic jobs for many large corporations in the United States at minimum wage. Rest assured, it is probable that many of their jobs should be compensated at a higher pay for the type of work they are doing, since most are jobs that many of the middle and higher class citizens cringe at when they think about it. I have speculated that the amount of wage pay or salary today is based upon one’s credentials or...
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