United States Congress and Congress Positions

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  • Published : February 22, 2011
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Congress Bashing for Beginners Response
In his analysis Nelson W. Polsby discusses how although there is congressional disagreement and conflict, there shouldn’t be talk of changing the constitution framework. Polsby starts out by giving background information and how this has been going on for a century. At first it was the liberals doing most of the bashing, however more recently the conservatives have been complaining. Polsby tells us that this conflict switches often but the losing party always seems to complain about congress status and how they are achieving their goals through a lack of separation of powers. Polsby points out that he dislikes the talk of constitutional reform to “cure political ailments”. This is what Polsby refers to as goring of the oxen. Whichever party is not in control is the party whose ox is being gored and is pushing for constitution reform. After some distrust between congress and the presidency, congress began to rely on themselves for obtaining information. He didn’t extend comity to congress and although it was not the only fuel for his impeachment it still impacted it. When Nixon was impeached it was not only his opposing party who voted him out of office. The complaints were “specifically related to obstruction of the discharge of congressional responsibilities”. The tensions between the presidency and congress as cause of this impeachment are now almost written in stone. It comes a as a consequence to having close presidential congressional relationships. Polsby is correct in saying that the responsibli.ity lies with the president to make amends between the branches. It is the president’s duty to restore comity because he is the leader with the power to do so. He being one person can restore comity by his decision. I agree with Polsby by saying the president should make a strong effort to do so.

Polsby believes the Bush administration has been attempting to achieve harmony between the branches and limiting conservative...
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