United States and the Soviet Union

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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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Jacqueline Marquez
World history
December 29, 2012

Japanese Americans
In my opinion I think that there is no reason to place them in these types of camps. There is many different types of places the citizens never had any type of problem with them at war but the camps where just too much. The Japanese American were really desperate but yet they didn’t have the right to send them into cruel camp, they had no excuse to relocate them to cruel places. I really disagree with the fact that many people were almost dead and had died in that case. The Japanese could have taken them to other places instead of a camp; there was enough space for them to take other people to camps that would treat them like dogs.

I really think that the best thing was to send them to other places that way there is many ways of being in touch with family and knowing what’s going on. I think that the politics that thought of the idea of sending their own people to camps were a bad idea, not thinking about the consequences. Yet they thought about winning and only winning, not about what people would lose but about their own countries. Many people think it was for a reason and the fact that there are cruel people. I have an opinion that may affect many people and something that they don’t like is to be lied to. Especially when it involves the endangerment of their family.

To the fact that there were many political thinking into the fact that the people were sent to camps without knowing. As far as the citizen knew there was many things that were told but turned out to be false. Not recognizing the conditions of the people especially because they had been preparing and many of their things were left behind. I think it was really dumb to let the politics choose that type of incident and for many people to be affected in that way. I really would have considered the fact that there were many people that had lives and world war 2 had to go into their lives.

As for many citizens that...
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