United States and Local Universities

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  • Published : January 28, 2013
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Education is important to our live, with it we can improve our lifestyle. Students try to achieve a higher education either by studying locally or going abroad. Nowadays, a lot of students choose to study abroad. They believe going abroad can bring bright future to their live. On other hand, some students choose to studying local universities. They have own reasons to study local or abroad. But in my view, studying locally can bring several advantages than studying abroad.

One of the advantages is can save the cost. Of course studying local universities can save the cost compared to studying in abroad universities. Both of the countries have different currency rate for example Brunei money change to US dollar. When we change Brunei money to United State dollar, the amount will become smaller. The overseas students also need a lot of money to pay the fee compare to local students. Brunei and United State have different climate that force them to use more money to buy suitable clothes. In United State or United Kingdom have a winter season that Brunei don’t have, this which make students to buy winter clothing. Not only that, the price of ticket is very expansive as the country is far away from Brunei. If they are in emergency cases, they cannot go home immediately because they need to buy the ticket. Staying at outside country is not easy; they have to rent a house or room to live. In this cases, studying abroad need a lot of money than study locally.

The second advantages are comfortable with the environment. The students who studied at local university are familiar with the surrounding. They are near with their families and free to talk with their friends. With this, it will make a student not to be stress with their study. Moreover, the students also can do a part time job since we know a local people can easily find part time jobs compared to those are study overseas. The Islamic...
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