United Parcel Service

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United Parcel Service (UPS)
Song zhenbo G00268544 Introduction:
United Parcel Service (UPS) is the world's largest express company。Also exposed to air transportation, logistics and information services。Under the expanding global information service background,UPS can provide more than 13 million packages every working days。Their unique secret is "the Big Brown"which means every delivery truck and employee uniform from UPS is brown。The uniform regulations and rules let the organization operation more fluid。The trained employees have 340 accurate steps to transport the parcel in day to day operations。Even strictly to their keys,dress codes and shirts and so on。 This practice was implemented from the early 20th century and is still implemented by the employees every day。“What can brown do for you today?” is the catchword on TV currently

Main body:
In the UPS organization,employees are grouping based on technical and professional knowledge。The advantages of the functional organization means employees can get better growth prospects and promotion opportunities。(Melvin, M 2010)That is why employees are satisfied and UPS has a retention rate of more than 90%.。For one thing,UPS try to satisfy the individual needs to retain talent。For another,employees can objectively work by themselves。Executives also can come from the basic unit。The future of the company and employees are closely linked together,From the leadership to employee all emphasis are on equality, fairness and loyalty。The relationship between employees is in harmony with the partnership。They have good employee support systems in place。In order to achieve the company's corporate culture, There are various specific guarantee measures。

Focus on the UPS structural design,they have a clear purpose,to become the world's best express company。Under the Clearly stated objectives,everyone in the organization are significant。Like a big family,Principles are...
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