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Topics: Kazakhstan, Aral Sea, Central Asia Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Dear United Nations,

We the representatives of Kazakhstan are in dire need of direct aid for our country. What would you do if your country did not have any rights for women? How would you feel if your wife or daughter was abused by another man? In Kazakhstan, women are limited to their rights and have no say in anything that happens to them. Not only are women and rights issues in this country, but also the economy. At the end of 2007, the global financial market froze up causing a downfall in our economy. Also, the dramatic fall in the prices of oil and commodity caused our country to plunge into recession. Our government tried to stabilize the market by devaluating the currency. Our government also has been relying on our countries natural resources to live off of because we believe that were better off using it up instead of selling it to other countries to fix the economy. This is one part of our problem that we need aid in.

Besides our economic crisis, we also have many environmental issues occurring today. Kazakhstan has many radioactive or toxic chemical sites associated with former defense industries and test ranges. This causes a large amount of health risk for not only humans, but animals as well. In some cities, industrial pollution is very bad because the Aral Sea is drying up and leaving a harmful layer of chemical pesticides and natural salts. Then once there are dust storms, the chemicals get picked up by the strong winds and are carried into other cities. Besides the Aral Sea, there are also some problems in the Caspian Sea. The overuse of agricultural chemicals is causing pollution in the soil. Also, we occasionally get some natural hazards like earthquakes in the south and mudslides in Almaty. In our huge but disastrous environment, we have many natural resources and are willing to share in return for aid. We really do need help making our country a cleaner and safer place for humans and animals.

There are also issues in our country...
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