United Kingdom and Northern Ireland

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The NSPCC (National Society for prevention of Cruelty to children) is the UK's leading charity specialising in child protection and the prevention of cruelty to children. Founded in 1884 as the London SPCC by the Reverend Benjamin Waugh, the NSPCC is the only UK children's charity with statutory powers that enable it to take action to safeguard children at risk of abuse.


The NSPCC employs 1,800 people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. NSPCC’S team works within five Divisions: three in England, one in Wales and one covering Northern Ireland. The work is funded by funds raised by a national network of 200 Community Appeals branches and by our central fundraising departments. NSPCC also have 17,000 communities who are vital to the success of fundraising effort. AIMS OF NSPCC

It reports that the project aims to influence safeguarding policy and practice .The new NSPCC policy officer will take responsibility for increasing pressure on central and local government to raise minimum safeguarding requirements for voluntary and community groups to ensure these organisation have the necessary support to keep children safe It aims to make convenient to donate money through hand-held and debit card swipe terminals at major events to support the FULL STOP campaign and by using their credit or debit card to help swipe out cruelty. It aims to explore strategies and making recommendations to improve mainstream service provision for children and young of African Carribean safe in the community Through its new initiative TALK TILL IT STOPS the NSPCC aims to help people overcome these barriers, so they are able to take effective action to protect children from abuse. A new education programme which aims to help protect children in school against bullying violence and other forms of aggressive behaviours. It will involve peer support schemes, support for school councils ,new teaching materials which will help children themselves...
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