United Color of Benetton

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Overview and Background
The Benetton Group is controlled by the Benetton family via Edizione Holding. Edizione Holding has wide range of product mix, line and depth. Their product and services included Foodservice and retail outlets at service areas, airport terminals, train stations, ports and shopping centre and others. United Colors of Benetton is one of Edizione holding’s product, which leading the world apparel designers, manufacturers and marketers. Benetton Group is the Europe’s largest clothing manufacturer origin based in Treviso, Italy and the world’s largest consumer of wool in garment sector. The name Benetton comes from the owner’s family name founded since 1965 by Luciano Benetton. Benetton has network around 6400 stores in 120 countries included Malaysia. In Malaysia there are total 16 branches over the few cities, George Town, Petaling Jaya, Kota kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur and Kuching. Prior to June 1986, the company was wholly by the Benetton family. Posterior, shareholders affiliated with the family sold shares representing approximately 11% of the ordinary shares to public in Europe. The Benetton initiated the public offering in order to establish liquid public market the company’s ordinary shares. Today, The Benetton Group is also listed on the stock exchange of Milan and New York. The current Benetton Group’s CEO is name Silvana Cassano. The Benetton Group’s core business remains their clothing lines. “United Colors of Benetton” is the title marketed from their casual clothing product-lines. However there is also other fashion-oriented sub-brand. Before the “United colors of Benetton” the actual name was “All the colors of the world” and altered later to “United colors of Benetton”. The name actually itself is a slogan, adopted by The Benetton Company as its actual logo. The people who change Benetton - Oliviero Toscani

Oliviero Toscani (born 1942) is an Italian photographer, employed by the Benetton and given full powers (carte blanche) by the Benetton management. Under Toscani's direction, ads were created that contained striking images unrelated to any actual products being sold by the company. The campaign led to an intensive public debate in many European countries and the United States and also to legal action against Benetton in courts and in front of self-regulatory bodies and to a still ongoing debate in jurisprudence. The most well-known motifs were:

* Dying AIDS patient
* Priest kissing nun
* T-shirt of Bosnian soldier
* Container with refugees
* Military cemetery with Star of David
* Ship with refugees
* H.I.V. positive
* Gunman with bone
* Oil-polluted duck
* Child labor
Here let us go into more details analysis. The motif “Dying AIDS patient” success addresses the serious problems of the AIDS disease and the pain. The important that Benetton has the consent of the parents of David Kirby- The dying AIDS patient for the publication of the picture for the purposes of the Benetton campaign The "H.I.V.-positive" motif appeals to the prejudice of people against others that carry the burden of an abnormality - such persons become "branded" by society. The motifs "Container with refugees" and "Ship with refugees" address war and political upheavals taking place in developing and third world countries. The motifs "Gunman with bone" and "T-shirt of Bosnian soldier" address the genocides, which took place in Africa and Bosnia. The motifs "Priest kisses nun" and "Military cemetery with Star of David" use religious forms and affect religious feelings. The motif "Oil-polluted duck" concerns the problems of environment pollution and big environmental catastrophes. The motif "Child labor" alludes to a social and economic problem of developing countries. However, in different countries due to the moral value is different, certainly their perspectives of view will be different in generally. Here are the consequences of different law action in different countries....
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