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Topics: Marketing, Organizational structure, Proposal Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: February 6, 2013
* United Cereal can implement my recommendations by doing following steps: - Conducting a market research in details with larger target market in Europe to understand better consumer’s preferences. After receiving the result from the research, the company should gather the information to make appropriate products. - Then, they should prepare all resources that are necessary to launch the new products, for example: finances, marketing strategy for the launch, distribution & success of this product. - After that, the company should make the collaboration between all the country managers, especially CMs in the same region to launch the products and run this plan more effectively. - After the products were launched, United Cereal should think about re-structuring their organization, for example the Eurobrand Team proposal in the case. * The proposal of Euro-brand Teams may be good in the future, but currently due to financial problem and global recession, it seems to be not very appropriate for the company. Lora’s proposal will make the company’s structure complex and do not strictly suit any traditional structure forms. From exhibit 4, we can see that it is a multidivisional matrix structure, since there are also three division VPs who are in charge of different regions in Europe besides one director for each functional department. Because each division VP is also responsible for different product groups, this forms a product team structure. In addition, learning from the “fruit juice disaster”, Lora does not want to dilute the authorities of CMs. Therefore, setting up a new Eurobrand team will definitely make the structure more and more complicated. In other words, based on the real situation and lessons from the past failure, Lora’s concept of “Eurobrand” and her proposed organizational structure take the critical factors into consideration, but it is unclear that the structure will be more successful than the fruit juice launch or not. What the company should...
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