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Student Name: Dylan Michlin

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Assignment Title or Description: Unit Plan

Course Instructor: Dr. Maureen McDermott

I, Dylan Michlin, attest that this is my own and original work.

Literary Analysis Unit Plan
Dylan Michlin
Nova Southeastern University

I am not in the classroom so I will be “teaching” my lessons at the high school where I did my field experience observation. This high school is Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High located in Dade county. The class I will be teaching consists of twelfth-grade British Literature honor students. The classroom contains both 11 girls and boys and there are two students who are not English proficient; they operate at a B-proficiency level. My unit will be focused around the short story, The Horse Dealer’s Daughter by D.H. Lawrence. I will be using this extraordinary piece of literature to aid the students in analyzing literature in the years to come. My three lessons will be based off of this short story. I will use this short story to help the students understand and define dynamic characters, to assist them in finding sensory imagery, symbols, and metaphors that speak to the creation of the setting, and to finally aid them in discussing ideology and how it relates to the modern day.

The Horse Dealer’s Daughter is relevant to the students’ lives because it is a story that uses a myriad of sensory imagery and metaphors to describe the setting and tone. My students will be able to use these skills when they are asked to identify sensory imagery in novels in the future. My students will also be able to use this story when they are creating compare and contrast essays regarding the ideology of women in the early twentieth century and present day. Furthermore, this story will allow the students to see the progression of a dynamic character in a major way. The main character Mabel undergoes a major change in the book, and this is relevant to my students because they are also undergoing major changes in their lives. Finally, my students will be able to identify the characteristics of a dynamic character and apply it to future personal and curricula narratives. The Horse Dealer’s Daughter is also relevant in sociology and psychology. In future classes, students will be able to discuss the reasons why women were treated so poorly in the twentieth century. Students will be able to indicate the social classes of the early twentieth century and will also be able to discuss women’s ideology during this time. In psychology classes students will be able to deliberate between the mindsets of early twentieth century women and those of current women. This unit will prepare the twelfth-grade British Literature honor students for future discussions and participations in undergraduate and graduate level courses.

In my unit plan I will choose to use the constructivist theory and approach because I believe it is best to incorporate and include the students in engaging and active learning. I believe this is the best way to keep the attention of the students and to keep them interested in acquiring knowledge. I will be using a few different activities to help my students in understanding the goals of my lessons. I will use handout 2.5 from the book, Writing about Literature by Johannessen (2009, p. 36). This activity will help my students in determining whether or not Mabel is a dynamic character and what constitutes a dynamic character. The students will have to find evidence that supports her transformation. Additionally, I will be using handout 2.20 in...
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