Unit D2 Develop Productive Working Relationships with Colleagues and Stakeholders

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  • Published : October 19, 2011
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Unit D2 Develop Productive Working Relationships with Colleagues and Stakeholders

I develop positive relationships with colleagues and stakeholders through getting to know their personality and of course, the foundation of a good relationship is always respect. Once above is established, I can concentrate on identifying individuals strengths and weaknesses in my team. Once this is realized I can establish skill-based work assignment. I would want to play into each person’s strengths and minimize work assignments that would target his or her weaknesses. I do regular one to one meetings as well as team meetings just like I have with other same levels managerial team and with higher placed stakeholders and people whom have a different interest in the business. These meetings are the ones where I do receive feedback from stakeholders on how the business is going and do receive future goals too as well as analysis on previous targets. On my own team meetings, I have the opportunity to give feedback on job performance, outline any goals for the next meeting, and learn about staff issues. This is the time for telling the team about their current customer score against a target and identify any need for improvements if there is any. If in ideally all targets are achieved set out by the company, I might only need to give credit for the excellent teamwork and make sure they keep up the good work. I can monitor any changes in team performance as we use a weekly monitoring system where as after every break, we get a customer satisfaction reported back but overall we need to achieve a set target combined all the weeks together. So where there is any dip in performance, I can call a quick team meeting, identify where things are not working as they should be working and provide feedback to the team as well as motivate them. This is the time I can recognize the need for any individual improvement in the form of providing additional training. Meetings with fellow managers are...