Unit Cyp Core 3.4 Support Children and Young People's Health & Safety

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  • Published : October 5, 2012
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Unit CYP Core 3.4 Support Children and Young People's Health & Safety 3.1 There are many different ways to monitor a children and young people’s development, many ways we do this is throughout a wide range of observations. It’s important that when you are observing a child you only write down what they actually do and say, observations should not include your views. For example you could not write this ‘Child A hits child B and then grins as they are happy they did not get told of’ but you could write ‘Child A hits child B and then smiles’. We should try and be as accurate as we can. It’s often helpful if we plan what observation we are doing, on what child and what time it’s going to happen as observations are time consuming. Not only do you need to focus on the child your observing but you have to watch other children and they will most likely be interested in what you’re doing and want to help/join in. Time samples are one observation which provides information about where the child spends their time, what activity’s they do and who they play with or talk to. In a setting time samples is a very time consuming observation and will need careful planning. The structure of the observation is to observe the child for 1 minute every 10 minutes. As an observer it’s easier if we shorten words such as S would stand for Solitary play and LG would stand for large group. Time samples can be used to find out what the child enjoys playing with or who they enjoy playing with as they may be new or on the other hand you may suspect they have an additional need watching them throughout 1 hour may show you that they haven’t interacted with any other children or adults, they have stayed in the same location and only play with one toy. Written Narrative is another form of observation, this observation type requires the Practitioner to write down everything that their chosen child is doing and saying. This observation is often done for around 5-15minutes, so again this is time...
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