Unit Cyp 3.1 Understand Child and Young Person Development

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  • Published : August 8, 2012
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Unit CYP 3.1: Understand Child and Young Person Development

LO1: 1.1
|0 – 6 months |              Expected pattern of child development | |Physical |At birth babies lie on their backs with the head to one side by 6months a baby can roll from lying on their back to their stomach. | | |At birth babies usually hold their hands tightly closed, they may open spontaneously when feeding or when the back of the hand is stroked by 6 months they can reach and | | |grab a small toy when offered. | | |Babies will turn their heads towards the light and will stare at bright shimmy objects by 6 months they will adjust their position to see objects. | | |At birth when pulled into a sitting position the head lags at 6 months, when held in a sitting position the head is upright and the back is straight. | |Communication and intellectual |At birth babies make eye contact and cry to indicate a need at 6 months they are able to make gestures such as raising their arms to be picked up. | | |At birth babies respond to high-pitched tones by moving their limbs at 6 months they are able to turn instantly when they hear their main carer’s voice at a distance. | | |Babies are gradually learning to have more control over their bodies. | | |Babies start to make cooing babbling sounds. | |Social, emotional behavioural and moral |At birth babies are not aware when their main carer leaves a room however at 6months babies can show signs of distress like crying. | | |Babies go from being unable to feed themselves at birth to using their fingers to feed them-selves. | | |At 6months a baby will smile in response to an adult they are unable to do this at birth. | | |Babies are becoming more wary of strangers. |

|6 – 12 months |            Expected pattern of child development | |Physical |Babies at 12months can stand alone for a few moments whereas at 6months they would require support when standing. | | |From rolling over at 6months babies can now crawl on their hands and knees or bottom shuffle. | | |At 6months babies use their whole hand to pass a toy from one hand to another at 12months they can pick up small objects with a fine pincer grasp, between thumb and the | | |tip of the index...