Unit Assigment Training

Topics: Meal, Water, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 2 (311 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Task 5

It is important for early years practitioners to be observant when meeting children's basic needs because the child may shown signs that he or she doesn't recieve the same treatment at home. Also, observing children when meeting their basic needs is important because it indicates whether a child may require more. Such as, a child may require more love and attention which could be for different reasons, including bereavement or tiredness.

Task 8

The routine in the setting I am at has activities, including puzzles, song time, water play, building blocks, swings, tents, bikes, painting and story time. The routine includes lunch time which the setting provides cooked meals for the children, for example, for lunch on a Monday is spaghetti bolengais. Also, snack time is provided at regular times throughout the day. For the toddlers and younger children, the setting has a 'sleep time' for each child. These activities and the routine contributes to children's overall needs because it gives them love and affection, safety, a warm environment, food, water, shelter, education, socialising, self-esteem and emotional and behavioural development. (google Maslow's heirachy of needs for reference)

Task 9

Different aspects of daily care of children include lunch, snack-time, nappy-changing, going to the toilet, brushing teeth, washing hands, having a nap or a sleep.

An activity which supports the daily care of children could be preparing snack time. Place fruit on the table with plates and knives and encourage the children to cut and prepare the snack.

Also, another activity which support the daily care of children is nappy-changing. To help children understand why and how we change nappies, I would apply dirty (Use mud) nappies onto dollies and ask the children to change the dollies into clean nappies. Also, they would need to wash and clean the dollies bottoms inbetween changing the nappies.
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