Unit 9 Wrkbook Assignment

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Unit Nine Workbook Assignment

Chapter 15: Disorders and Conditions Resulting From Trauma

For each scenario below, explain how and why you would schedule an appointment or suggest a referral based on that patient’s reported symptoms. First, review the “Guidelines for Patient- Screening Exercises” found on page iv in the “Introduction.”

1. A father calls to report that his 4-year-old son has stepped on a nail in a board. The child pulled his foot off the board and nail, and the foot looks red around the site. He wants to know what to do. How do you handle this call? This is called a puncture wound. I would tell the patient to keep the wound clean and dry. Because there could have been rust on the nail I would tell the patient they need to keep an eye out for infection. I would also talk with him about tetanus and if he noticed it was not getting better or it was becoming red all over that he needed to take his son to the Er.

2.A patient calls the office complaining of feeling a stuffiness and something in the ear. He has complaints of pain in the ear canal and decreased hearing capability. How do you respond to this call? Because you do not want to do any damage to the ear canal you would want to send this patient to the doctor. It could be a number of things that was gotten stuck in his ear. If it is a bug the doctor may use a light to get it to crawl out if it’s alive or if it’s dead the doctor may use a water solution to wash it out. If it’s an object other than a bug he may use forceps to get it out.

3.A mother calls in advising her 16-year-old son has been out in the extreme cold. She has noticed the tissue on his face is firm and the skin has a waxy appearance. The skin is very cold to the touch. How do you respond to this call? Sound like frostbite. I would advise the mother to that her son to the ER right away.

4.A female patient calls in advising she is experiencing a numbness of hands and fingers with pain in these...
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