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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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BTEC National Business Studies - Unit 9 Creative Product Promotion In this task explain the reasons behind the choice of media in a successful promotional campaign The target audience (target market – who is the product or service aimed at)

* How to reach the target audience
When advertising agencies work with their client companies, they use a number of criteria to decide which media to use. These include: * Promotional objectives of campaign
* Cost of medium such as T.V. advertising versus coverage * Target audience that company is trying to reach
* Focus of the appeal of the promotion – is it empathetic, intellectual or emotional * Timing of the promotional/advertising campaign, e.g. is it seasonal * Circulation – e.g. how many newspapers or magazines sold * Readership- how many people read newspapers or magazines (more than circulation) Make a list of the various advertising media used by your company. Select 4 headings from the list below:

National newspapersRegional newspapersConsumer magazines Business or trade magazinesTelevision (terrestrial, satellite and digital) RadioCinemaBillboards and transport advertising (buses, tubes and trains) Direct mailInternet.

Now Take at least 4 of these headings. Apply each one to your company’s promotional campaign. In each large paragraph you must explain why it was chosen by your company and their advertising agency. In each paragraph you must mention the following: * Why this medium is appropriate for the target audience, is it local, national or international? * Why this medium helps your company to achieve the promotional objectives * How much using this medium costs and the benefits to the company * Why is this medium appropriate/suitable for the focus of the appeal of the promotion, e.g. is the focus intellectual, emotional or empathetic? * If the medium is a newspaper or magazine, what is its approximate readership or circulation? * What are the...
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