Unit 9 P1

Topics: Horror film, Marketing, Roller coaster Pages: 1 (372 words) Published: May 30, 2012
Unit 9 – P2
Explain the role of promotion within the marketing mix for a selected product/service.
Ias one of the four P’s within the marketing mix. in relation to Thorpe Park and on their main appeal the rides. To promote their rides, Thorpe Park uses a series of promotional methods, and advertising is they would like their advert to air and it also helps to give customers a visual of what the rides look like. Place, Thorpe Park is situated in Staines, the ride saw is situated within the actual theme park. The ride is a new rollercoaster that Thorpe Park has opened. It is based on a movie called ‘Saw’, which is a gory horror film. And Thorpe Park have made a ride to give their customers the same thrill but to only experience it physically. They use props such as, the spiky wheel. For example, as the carriage is going downwards, it looks like the wheel is going to shred them to pieces. This helps to make the ride scarier, thus fitting in with the theme. Promotion is used as a tool to communicate with and entice current and potential customers, with what the business has to offer and what services it may provide. Businesses will use many forms of communicating with their customers; this may include advertising. And to remember the most memorable moment of the ride they take pictures during the ride, and these are available to purchase when the ride has finished. Promotion, Thorpe Park have a website, this allows people from all over the world to visit the site and profits., these are used mainly by teenagers users of Facebook , may create an event and invite people to it, this is key for the business to do well. Another exquisite events that Thorpe Park organiseis horrific and scary and a good way to promote it, Halloween is known to be scary and ghostly, this fits in with the theme of And an image of is used to promote this event. Product, the ride ‘saw’ is a horror rollercoaster; the aim of the rollercoaster is to give the for the theme of the ride. Not...
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