Unit 9 - Email

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  • Published : October 22, 2011
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The biggest problem that Dalman and Lei face is the sense of urgency regarding their technological advancement. Dalman and Lei are under a lot of pressure to adopt this new technology and implement it in a very limited amount of time. The increase in customers has left Sandwich Blitz almost crippled. Their employees are unable to properly fulfill all of the orders coming in which in turn is reflecting negatively upon their business. All of the errors that are being made will eventually run their business into the ground. Customers have come to expect a quality product and a great service experience. Without these two things, customers will no longer choose to visit Sandwich Blitz.

The other area of concern is the amount of support Dalman and Lei need from the managers. Communication is going to play a huge part in this success of this new e-customer order system. Without effective communication between Upper-Management, Middle-Management, Front-Line Workers, and the technology team this new program will fail for sure.

The following is the email I have created that I feel will not only explain the urgency to the managers but also properly prepare them for this technological advancement.

Dear Management Team,

We here at Sandwich Blitz, Inc. are faced with a number of problems. We have taken note of the negative feedback we have been receiving. We are fully aware of the increasing amount of orders being placed and how it is adversely affecting your work environment. We live in a world where technology abounds and we have not even begun to tap into the resources this incredible era has to offer. We have decided that it is time to change this. After a significant amount of careful consideration, we have decided to implement a new e-customer order input system. This new technology will not only relieve a great deal of stress currently present in our locations, but will also bring efficiency to our team. We feel that the implementation of this new system...
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