Unit 8 Human Lifespan Development P3

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Unit 8: Human lifespan development

Task 3

Zach is 43. He has spent 17 years in prison for various crimes including theft and grievous bodily harm. His childhood was made difficult by abuse and violence. He grew up with feelings og anger, injustice and bitterness. He often found it difficult to control these feelings and it led him committing offences. Sometimes his responses were out of proportion to the event such as beating someone for looking at his girlfriend. He is now out of prison and is trying to keep straight.

Self concept is the mental image or perception that one has of oneself. The knowledge you have about who you are.

List of factors effect self-concept

• Age
• Abuse
• Appearance
• Culture
• Education
Emotional health and well being
• Family
• Gender

The factors influencing self concept in Zach's life:

Emotional and health well being
Environment (family)

Zach went to prison in his early 20's or 30's. He spent 17 years in prison. Normally at the age of 43 he should be in a reliable relationship, working to ensure that he gets A good income to support his lifestyle, being able to live independently also with a stable mind set. At the age of 43 years old this age span is in the lifespan of adulthood it allows you to define yourself in terms of your career life style and ability to provide for your family. In his career lifestyle Zach should at least of been working to achieve an high job position such as assistant manager or manager this will increase Zach's income which will allow him to have a better lifestyle. However Zach went prison in his 20's or 30's he lost the advantages of achieving goals he could of gained during that period of his lifespan in prison. His self-concept could be effected as he came out of prison and realises that all his opportunity he had is gone, no career for him...
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