Unit 7

Topics: Developmental psychology, Learning, Play Pages: 18 (6901 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Unit 7
Learning through play.
E1, A1. Appendix 1,2 and 3.
Reflective practice is the key to quality improvement as it helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses of different aspects of a setting’s provision. On placement I have taken this on board and developed my own practice to help support the learning needs of children in the setting. I have reflected on how enthusiastic and positive I am and how I have demonstrated this in my own work. If I have a positive attitude in the setting it will encourage the children in the setting to do so too. This is then helping support the learning of all children with a free mind being able to focus and learn easier as they will not have a mental block stopping them do this. They will be able to share and reflect on each other’s ideas. I have also considered the way I talk to the children and how good I think I am at listening to what they have to say and following up on their ideas they reflect to me. Personally I think I have developed this skill throughout my placements and my placement reports can support this. I am fully aware that children enjoy telling me their ideas and telling me stories. I listen to them and ask them questions to show them that I am listening. This helps them feel safe and comfortable in my presence. The way I reflect my body language also has a huge input with this. Getting down to a child’s level also helps them feel at ease when talking to me as they do not feel ‘over powered’ within presence. Thinking ahead is one of the main skills I have developed and progressed on placement. Being in a nursery and a school has developed my use of initiative. Whilst the teacher is telling the children what to do, I will set out all the possible equipment and then work with children that need a ‘push in the right direction’. Sitting next to a child can just help them to finish their work. Walking around and scanning the children’s work just to make sure they are on task and able to do the work set. In an afternoon on placement I currently listen to selected children read. This has developed their reading and writing age highly whilst I’ve been doing this. This is me having an input towards supporting the children’s learning needs. Seeing a child develop because my input in the practice is one of the best experiences I have ever witnessed. Knowing that I have helped do this and will make me continue to do this throughout my practice. As a practitioner it is my job to encourage the children to socialize and develop their social and language skills. I feel I have highly developed my own confidence and initiative throughout my placement. I have done this by getting involved with snack time and circle time. Circle time is a great way for the children to interact with each other. They can share personal experiences and feelings with each other. Creating a circle of trust. One role of the practitioner is to observe the child and help them to learn through observing them and helping them with their weaknesses by planning activities to challenge and strengthen them. I have carried out some observations during my nursery placement. See appendix 1, and 2 for one my observations that I carried out during placement. The children learn routines by the repetition. For example is the children start to feel hungry that must mean it is “lunch time”. And because it is lunch time, they know that they will need to tidy up, sit down, and then wash their hands. They then know that after lunch time they will have learning time which will be in their groups doing different activities such as phonics and maths. The role of the practitioner is to reinforce these routines and ensure that they do not get interrupted and if they do then they do everything they can to get the routine back in place so the children don’t get confused. For example if the children are doing an activity and one child starts misbehaving then it is the practitioners role to make sure that the child is sorted out...
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