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Topics: Transgender, Gender, Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: July 12, 2012
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Timeline of global gendered movements since the 1700s
Sheleana Hornback
Kaplan University

Timeline of global Gendered movements since 1700

1830: First women’s paper was published in Argentina
“La Argentina, the first women’s paper was published in 1830, and La Camelia a tract subtitled “equality between the Sexes.” In 1852” (Morgan, 1984). 1920: 19th amendment was ratified.
“Henry Burn casts the deciding vote that makes Tennessee the thirty-sixth, and final state, to ratify the Nineteenth Amendment. August 26: The 19th Amendment is adopted and the women of the United states are finally enfranchised” (Beredes, 2006).

1921: Beginning of Afghan’s womens movement and passge of the 1921 Family Code.
“Afghan’s womens movement officially began in 1921, when Kind Amanullah launched an emancipation program for women. The 1921 Family Code forebade child marriages, encouraged girls schools, and banned polygamy for government employees” (Morgan, 1984). 1928: Britain lowered the voting age to 21.

“The voting age for women was lowered to bring it in line with the voting age of men-age 21” (Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council, 2004).

1948: Suffrage was granted in Israel.
Women “were granted suffrage on the declaration of statehood” (Morgan, 1984)

1966: Dr. Harry Benjamin published The Transsexual Phenomen.

"... in July of 1966, just before the Compton's Cafeteria riot, when Dr. Harry Benjamin published a pathbreaking book, The Transsexual Phenomenon. In it, used the research he had conducted with transgender patients during the past seventeen years to advocate for the same style of treatment that Magnus Hirschfeld had promoted in Germany before the Nazi takeover. Benjamin essentially argued that a person's gender identity could not be changed, and that the doctor's responsibility was thus to help transgender people live fuller and happier lives in the gender they identified...
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