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Topics: Industrial Revolution, Factory, Family Pages: 2 (325 words) Published: November 19, 2012
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Unit 6 Essay Exam

Before the start of the industrial revolution women was a gender that was considered insignificant, and powerless. It has always been that

way till the years of 1790 and 1860 that things where begining to change drastically. Since that drastic changed we all know as the industrial

revolution economically women were finally given the opportunity to work,earn their own money,and help their families; while domestically there was

great amount of admiration from women in the comfort of their own home now instead of just expecting their place to just be there.

The Industrial Revoltuion as we all know was a period of drastic change in technology, manufacturing,and transportation from the start of the nineteenth

century onward. Those things had a huge effect on the economic, social, and the cultural conditions. Due to the drastic change women were finally allowed to work.

Before the industrial revoltuion if women wanted to work they would have domestic jobs like sewing,or making household materials out of soap. When the period of change

was at its end women were now working in factories. This radical change was only the begining of women being able to work. earn their own money, and being able to gain economic independence. Although women were now able to work they would work to a certain extent. Women would have to work 13 hours a day, and get paid very little. Inaddition if your a women that has been single would have...
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