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  • Published : May 10, 2011
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Justin Sadler
Mr. Herbst
AP World History
[ 19 April 2011 ]
During the time period between 1959 and 1990, the Cuban Revolution had effected its country in many ways including the lives of Cuba’s women which include the argument on whether women should be allowed to participate in political activity, the different types of opportunities that women have been able to strive for and become entitled to, and the view of females having equal rights in the household. To begin with, women over the past centuries have been known to be excluded from male only activities and actions such as political rights and movements. In Cuba, women have not been given the chance to show their true potential when it comes to politics as explained in documents 1, 5, and 9. Ofelia Dominquez Navarro (Doc #1) Female Cuban socialist feminist, believes that patriarchal power for men did nothing but ruin status for women. An analysis of Navarro’s view is because, as a social feminist, women should not be held under captivity even if in good conditions. Fidel Castro (Doc #5) Cuban resident, speech to the Federation of Cuban Women, believes that women’s full equality does not yet exist. An analysis of castro’s view is because, as Cuban president, the Revolution is fighting women’s discrimination and it will undoubtedly be a long struggle. Communist Party of Cuba (Doc #9) 1975 – 1986, believe that women’s participation in politics from the time period above have nearly doubled increasingly in all parts of government. An analysis of this graph shows that women’s participation has increased in not only members but local leaders, national leaders, and youth communist actions. An additional document that would be helpful would be one from the government of Cuba in earlier times such as the 1950’s that explained why women would be such a declining move in the government even though they had most women educate the youth and become more aware of what importance they can make in politics. To sum...
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