Unit 52

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Unit 52: Provide support for journeys
LO1 understand factors to consider when planning support for journeys When planning a journey I must take into consideration the individual in terma of mobility, environment and their wellbeing. I must also take the journey into consideration for instance some individuals may become restless, agitated or aggressive whilst waiting on transport or in busy environments. Finally I must take health and safety into consideration as traveling on public transport or in a car comes with risks for example gaps between the train and platform, wearing seatbelts, falling whilst finding a seat on the bus. There are many risks that may arise whilst on a journey such as falls, slips, slips, trips and road traffic accidents “run over”. There are ways I can reduce the likeliness of the risks such as walking with service users, crossing roads whilst holding hands and keeping service users away from the kerb. There are many types of communication I can use in order to support planning and making journeys safely such as, asking individuals where and how they would like to travel, reminding and prompting whilst on the journey. LO2 be able to support individuals to plan journeys

When supporting a service user to plan a journey I must ensure I ask them what support they require and allow them to take control of planning as much as possible. If I was to support a service user to research where they would like to go I would firstly ask them where they would like to go and then support them onto the internet search engine for them to find current events and attractions. In order to promote active participation and to support the service user in a way which reflects the agreed ways of working, I would ensure that the service user has a choice in every aspect of the planning and the journey itself by frequently asking questions like “would you like to use the train or bus from the interchange”, I would also have the points within the risk assessment...
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