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Topics: Discrimination, Disability, Mental Health Act Commission Pages: 5 (1498 words) Published: May 22, 2013
In my role as senior I am responsible for ensuring that all individuals, their families, friends, carers and members of staff and those I work with (ty mawr) in partnership, are treated equally. Everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. There are many legislations, Codes of practice which ty mawr follow. The workplace policies which regulate equality diversity and inclusion with each area of responsibility. Below is a list of acts. Every child matters

Rights to action
Equality act 2010
Essential standards for quality & safety compliance criteria The equal pay act 1975
The disability discrimination act 1995
Race relations act 1976
The children act 1989
The children act 2004
The NHS and community care act 1990
The data protection act 1984
The mental health act 1983
Sex discrimination acts 1975 and 1986
Care standards act 2000
Care home regulations 2001
European convention on human rights and fundamental freedoms 1950 The convention on the rights of the child 1989
Human rights act 1998
The disability discrimination act 2005
GSCC code of practice for social care workers
GSCC code of practice for employers of social care workers The patient's charter

I promote equality and diversity and inclusions , through our policies and procedures in the delivery of services, In my role I will be seen to promote egalitarianism and uphold individuals equality of opportunity, individual rights and choice, their privacy, individuality, independence, dignity, respect, promote empowerment, equality of care, confidentiality and their wishes and needs. The way in which we show diversity and except other individuals differences can be shown in the following. Complaints procedure (readily available), Consultation/participation (individuals have the right and are encouraged to actively participate in consultations regarding changes to home policies and procedures, Individuals care plans are regularly updated to take into account any changes to the individuals health, needs and wishes, Maintaining confidentiality (store care plans safely), Person centred care planing (individuals rights and choices encompassed within their care plan), Various planned activities(Activities that are inclusive and individuals choice), Offering choices(choices of meals , clothes), Promoting independence(encouraging active support and empowerment of individuals), All residents are allowed to practice their religion beliefs, Respecting individuals privacy(Knocking doors before entering), Work place policies readily available to all and information readily available and various formats appropriate to each individuals needs. Inclusion, equality opportunity and anti discrimination are central principles in social care. All activity needs to be planned on the basis that so individuals may need additional support to overcome the barriers they face. Barriers are those things that prevent or make access to a service more difficult for certain groups and individuals. The barriers faced depend on each workplace and environment within you work, these barriers could include the following : Age, Gender or gender identity, Disability (physical or sensory impairment), Faith, Ethnic origin, Sexual orientation, Communication (literacy and language) Other barriers may include: Structural, wto those here circumstances create or result in barriers such as access to a good education, adequate housing, sufficient income to meet basic needs. Structural barriers are associated with poor life outcomes that can be observed in the significant disparities in health between areas of affluence and those associated with poverty. Institutional, where policies, processes, practices sustain an organisational or service culture that excludes certain people or groups, an...
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