Unit 501

Topics: Communication, Writing, Nonviolent Communication Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: October 8, 2012
How to use and develop systems that
Promote communication.

In this assignment I will be identifying systems that promote communication and assessing my knowledge, understanding and skills required to develop communication systems for meeting individual outcomes. Your ability to communicate is about delivering your message clearly and understandably to others in order to achieve good communication skills. Communication is very important as day to day we are always communicating or using communication techniques to communicate with others. Our body position and what we do with our body is also a way of communicating for example if someone asks you a question and the reply is yes or no we can answer this by shaking our heads which is communicating back to them with the answer but without speaking. In society today we have so many more ways of communicating than we did 50 years ago such as mobile phone, internet access, writing letters etc these are all ways we can communicate and what we do in our day to day lives. I personally work in a small residential home where communication is a key factor in my day to day job role, we are all expected to follow and provide the best communication we can. My job role is very much involved with the clients in which I am always communicating in different ways to meet their individual needs. Some of my clients have different impairment needs for example some have visual impairments and some have hearing impairments which makes it harder for them to communicate with others and can leave the clients feeling very frustrated and lonely if they feel that they cannot communicate with people, eventually it may make them want to give up trying and then they become feeling all alone and not having their needs met. This is why my job is very important by having good communication skills I can meet all their needs and communicate with them and they are able to communicate back to me. Day by day I’m still learning new techniques and...
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