Unit 5 Home Work

Topics: Whistleblower, Business ethics Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: October 1, 2011
Unit 5.
1. Under what circumstances are employees most likely to blow the whistle?

I believe whistle blowing itself is a bold action by any individual or a group of people. I just wanted to add this before my discussion to explain my modesty towards the whistle blowers, only to the genuine ones. An employee is likely to blow the whistle ideally in a circumstance when they see any unethical activities occurring in their organization. It can be in a process or in the hierarchy itself but still any unethical occurrence denotes that there’s something wrong happening and any wise employee would not accept this. Thus, after bearing this unethical scenario for sometime, employee tends to lose his patience and blows the whistle to the respective committee or person. Thus, generally when an employee cannot take anymore of an undisclosed unethical occurrence in the organization, he blows the whistle to persons or organizations that may be able to something, hoping that they would correct the issue.

2. Use the four-part framework presented earlier (namely, is this the only way, do I have the goods, why am I doing this, am I ready?) to analyze Mr. Stone's actions. What additional information do you need to answer the four questions?

The Four-part framework is: 1) Is this the only way? 2) Do I have the goods? 3) Why am I doing this? 4) Am I ready? First of all I think the case does not reveal all information on the issue, thus it is not possible to answer the above questions accurately. But still I will try and do justice to the chapter. Mr. Stone blowed the whistle stating that his company was underreporting profits so that regulators wouldn’t cut the electricity rates. Below is my explanation for the case through the Four-part framework model: 1) Was this the only way left for Mr. Stone? I assume that Mr. Stone had complained earlier about the issue to his higher authorities in the hierarchy. He is supposed to report them first on this and if no response...
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