Unit 5 Assignment

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It is important to develop appropriate and effective relationships with everyone you work with or encounter at work. At placement you must do this by being punctual and having good attendance, as well as being alert, and being able to use your initiative, being polite and considerate to others helps at placement As this will ensure that you will get along with co-workers, senior members of staff as well as parents. You must also be friendly with people however you must remain professional “the aim of professional relationships is to be friendly and approachable but to not treat them as though they are family members” (Tassoni, 2007, p.12) an early years professional should be; Patient, working with children is very demanding and can be hard work, however children need you to be calm. Being hardworking, some areas of work may include tidying up, and cleaning and other things that are not so interesting. Being Fair and Consistent, children need to be able to rely on adults and feel as though they can count on you. Also being reliable and punctual, even as a learner, children and staff will start to rely on you being there to help. One way to maintain a professional relationship with children as well as adults would be to have good communication skills with parents, children and colleagues. Having good communication skills shows respect to others and it also means that others will respect and listen to you as well. For example to show that I am listening to a child I get down to the Childs level make eye contact and make sure that my body language is open and friendly this is called active listening. Another way to help maintain professional relationships is being reliable. This means that as a professional you are dependable (people know that they can depend on you to get things done) as well as having good attendance and punctuality; another way of being reliable is also being accountable for your actions, if you can explain your actions this will be a...
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