Unit 5 Anotomy

Topics: Metabolism, Digestion, Nutrition Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Unit 5 Anatomy & Physiology
(P4) Explain the Physiology of two named body Systems in relation to energy metabolism. In this assignment I will be explaining the physiology of energy metabolism with the human body. First off what is energy metabolism? Energy metabolism is how your body uses stores and burns energy within the body. Your body requires fuel to function these can be food, containing glucose, carbohydrates, protein these are then broken down and enzymes are then produced from allowing our body to receive their vitamins and fats it needs. The two body systems I have chosen are the Digestive system and the Cardiovascular System. Digestive System. The digestive system is made up of digestive tract this consists of hollow organs, that are all joined together, in a twist sort of form, it goes from your mouth to your anus, all other organs are used as well to help process and to digest food. After food is eaten the molecules in the stomach known as enzymes, they are what break down the amino acids, fats they turn it into fatty acids, and also in carbohydrates, that later turn into the body’s own natural sugar. With sugar and fats these can also be used as the body energy source, when it is needed. These compounds are then absorbed into the blood stream, this allows them to transport them self’s to the cells. Once they have entered the cells other type of enzymes help to speed up the rate of metabolizing. While all this is happening the energy from the other compounds can be stored in different types of body organs such as tissue, liver and muscles. When the digestive system does this it is basically multitasking as it has to two kinds of activities that go on at the same time — the building up of body tissues and energy stores and the breaking down of body tissues and energy stores to generate more fuel for body functions. There are two types of metabolism constructive metabolism & destructive metabolism- constructive metabolism is where the...
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