Unit 5

Topics: Developmental psychology, Motor control, The Child Pages: 3 (737 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Unit 2: Development From Conception To Age 16years.

Task 1: Page 345

Sensory Development

P2.1) During my placement I had set out an activity which helped promote the children aged 4-5’s Sensory Development, by getting them involved in making a Dragon Mask. My role in this activity was to cut out pieces of materials of different colours so the children can use different kinds to make their mask and it also involved me getting the children introduced to a different culture, and to use different types of materials to make the Dragon Mask.

P2.2) I encouraged the children to get involved by making a mask myself and showing them how to do it, so that they could see what kind of different materials I used to make it. Plus when one child got involved the other children would watch, this made them want to get involved too.

P2.3) During this activity the children involved were developing their fine motor skills by moving their hands and arms whilst they were sticking and gluing onto the mask template. The activity was very effective as the children got to feel the different textures of the different materials and by the smile and the involvement I could tell the children had enjoyed this activity as most of them asked if they could make another. From this experience I have gained more knowledge and this has showed me how my chosen method worked well with the children. The activity was very effective as most the children enjoyed it; from this I had acknowledged that future activities should be more like this.

Physical Development

P2.1) During my placement I had helped set up a physical activity which was centred upon children of the age 4-5, during the children’s P.E session. I helped out by planning how to set the benches and mats out in the hall. My role in this activity was to actually place the benches in different ways so the children can travel along the benches, my role also involved helped the children change from their school uniforms...
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