Unit 5

Topics: Children Act 1989, Nursery school, Reflective practice Pages: 11 (4035 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Unit 5-The principles underpinning the role of the Practitioner working with Children

As a childcare worker it is important to develop professional relationships with children, families, colleagues and other professionals. One way I can develop a professional relationship with parents is to always be approachable, to listen to what they say, be honest with them and always keep them up to date with any changes. This gives them confidence to speak to me about any concerns they have. With children I would develop a professional relationship with them by meeting all their needs, providing adequate stimulation and ensuring I keep them safe by following all guidelines. One way I can develop a professional relationship with colleagues is by respecting. Listening, sharing information and most of all working as part of a team. With other professionals I would develop a relationship similar to the one with colleagues, as well as working with them, sharing all information, attending meetings and keeping my records up to date. This would be the same for various settings such as primary school, nursery or out of school club.

One way that would help maintain professional relationships with parents and children is by effective communication. When speaking to parents and children you need to ensure your tone of voice, body language and facial expression are always right, depending on the type of conversation you are having. Sometime non-verbal communication is needed through letters, daily sheets and e-mails. Your non-verbal communication should be polite, clear and respectful. If we communicate with parents and children we get an holistic view of the child because you are getting lots of information on them. Also it shows parents and children that you care about them.

Keeping confidentiality helps to maintain a professional relationship with parents and children because they will know if they have to tell you something important you will keep this on a need to know basis. Also keeping confidentiality shows parents that you care and want to keep them safe.

Ineffective communication or if you breach confidentiality can affect your relationship with the parent and child and will break any trust and the relationship.

Multi-agency working is when a team of childcare professionals come together to help a child and share information. Professionals could include Physiotherapist, Speech therapist, Children’s Services, Health Visitor, Key worker and primary carers. The benefit of this for the child is that all their needs can be met and this allows them to reach their full potential. The benefit for parents are that they can get support and advice from a single point of contact which means they do not have to keep explaining the same thing over and over. The benefit for the practitioner is that they know exactly where the child is up to, they can sort any problems out together and get support from each other and can improve their own professional development by listening to each other. In my placement a physiotherapist visits a child weekly and works with them to help them control movement.

Reflective practice in the setting is important to ensure everyone continues to learn and develop. The setting benefits by staff who reflect on their practice by identifying strengths and weaknesses and this can lead to training needs or staff being able to shadowing others who have strengths identified in a particular area. It also benefits the setting because it helps you to identify anything that is not working properly. For example in my placement the children in the pre-school room were sat down for too long and they were getting restless, so they improved the routine so the children were not sat down for as long. Reflective practice is the key to quality improvement.

As a childcare worker it is important that I reflect on my practice because a reflective practitioner is an effective...
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