Unit 49

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  • Published : January 14, 2013
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Unit 49 - Dementia
I have been working for a while in the Nursing Home and I have met patients with different situations. We have been dealing with more Nursing residents but getting to know with Dementia patients is very interesting. I have met Mrs. E which had been discharged from the hospital. She couldn’t communicate properly on what she wants, even her family are having a problem to recognize the things she liked and wants. It was a challenge for us to help her in her daily personal hygiene and especially eating and drinking. When she arrived we tried to comfort her and made comfortable. Her family was very supportive in her care but it’s very hard to predict what she really wants. We checked her weight, as the process of checking if what they need for their nutrition. Mrs. E had been spitting out food at meal times so we have tried to give her sweet drinks to divert her attention with the food. During the past days we have been trying to identify on how to communicate with her through different ways until we tried to hold her hands while eating to keep her calm. Because of the Dementia Mrs. E had, she had lost weight for the past days because she didn’t have good nutrition and until when she’s a bit settled in her new home, she has been eating well. With the assessment of the Nurse, her diet was then changed to soft. She is able to swallow her food straight away without chewing more that makes her more agitated. Her diet was changed because she don’t like to use her dentures, she don’t want anything that bothers her in her mouth. Mrs. E was admitted to the hospital because of poor nutrition caused by her Dementia. She wasn’t eating and drinking very well until she was settled in the home where she had been attended to by the carers regularly. We gave her different kinds of food, until we gave her the food that she likes to swallow. So now we knew that she likes soft foods like mousse, ice cream and anything sweet. It was emotionally very good to Mrs. E...
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