Unit 4222-201.2

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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UNIT 4222 - 201.2

OUTCOME 2.1 Effective communication happens when the right method is used to send a message so it can be received and understood. Finding out about each individual’s language needs,wishes and preferences is an important part. I can do this by asking their family members whether the patients have particular communication needs, by reading reports and notes that provide information on a patient’s speech or language development,learning difficulties,disabilities ( like hearing or visual impairment) or physical conditions that may affect communication, by being aware that their culture,ethnicity and nationality may affect their language preferences and needs,by asking my supervisor,senior staff or specialist for informations,advice and support when communication have special needs.

OUTCOME 2.2 We are using two main types of communication in work role : verbal and non-verbal. Verbal communication is based on the used of words. It needs effective verbal skills to obtain info from colleagues or patient, to respond to questions, to contribute to team meetings, to give feedback and report info about patient, to provide support for patient’s family or colleagues , to deal with problems and complaints, to write notes and reports,sending and receiving emails,making and receiving phone calls . Non verbal communication occurs when a patient use his body,behaviour and appearance to communicate with others.Eye contact short can express nervousness or shyness, touching a person or holding someone’s hand , physical gestures like deliberate movements of the hand to express meanings, facial expression to express feelings (eg. smiling) or proximity ( the physical closeness between people during interactions) . Being very close may be reassuring,people need less personal space when they have a trusting relationship. My goal is to ensure that the message i send can be received and understood. To achieve this, i may sometimes need to change or...
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