Unit 4 Per Diary Task

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Unit 4 Practice Evidence Record Diary
4.1- During my time at placement I have had to encourage children to use resources in a safe and controlled way. For example while working outside in the settings back garden the children wanted to play on the slide. For children to be playing on the slide they will need to climb up from the one side where there are steps. However I made sure that I was close by in case a child injures themselves.  

While supporting the children I also allow myself to encourage the children to hold onto the handrail allowing them to have a steady balance, preventing them from falling.  Due to keeping children safe and secure I am able to acknowledge that I am suppose to be asking the children not to run to fast and ensure that I am providing positive instructions for example to take turns on the slide allowing all the children to have a chance in playing on the slide I also supervised the children during the activity to make sure they were safe.

It states in Tassoni. P ^et al^ Heinemann 4th edition child care and education cache level 3 that P. Tassoni, 2007, page, 218 says  health and safety policy- this will give guidelines on how to keep children, parents and staff safe, for example guidelines on handing over children at the end of a session safely.  

However this practice shows that I am able to follow all policies and procedures such as the Health and Safety Work Act 1974 or the Equal opportunity policy.
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