Unit 4 P1


Type of information| Example| Description| Purpose| Source| Verbal| 1. The manager gives out instruction.2. face to face communication.| 1. The manager at Coca cola gives instructions to the foreman on the quantity of goods to be produced for the day. 2. Sales girls of Coca cola try to convince customers to buy Coca cola cans of drinks.| 1. That the foreman knows how much they have to produce for the day.2. So that they will buy the product. Coca cola will sell more then.| 1. Coca cola2. Coca cola| Written| 1. They give out folders.

2. They will send mails | 1. They will hand out folders so people will know about the product.2. When someone wants to work there they will send them mails.| 1. So that people will know about the product and will buy it.2. They will have more people working for them. | 1. Coca cola2. Coca cola| On-screen| 1. They will have Commercials

2. They have Billboards| 1. They have commercials so that more people will know the company.2. They have billboards around the world for example in shopping malls. That gets more attention.| 1. They do that so that they will sell more.2. They have billboards so people will know the product and will buy more.| 1. coca cola2. coca cola| Multimedia| 1. Web page

2. Music video| 1. They have their own web page online. Where you can find all the information that you want.2. They let the coca cola name be shown in a music video. Which is more attractive to people.| 1. It is better and faster for people to see the information because of that people will buy the product faster.2. People will recognize the brand faster. It’s more fun to see. So people will but the product faster.| 1. coca cola 2. Coca cola|

Web-based| 1. YouTube2. Google| 1. They can make advertisement on YouTube for example before you want to watch a video.2. You can search the company trough Google. You can also find information about the company. | 1. A lot of people go to YouTube so if they put their...
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