Unit 4 Lo1.1

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Writing Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: May 1, 2013

Learning Outcome 1.1

The purpose of communication is so that people can understand each other. This is important for several reasons, to know how to respond and how to interpret the information are the main factors here. The benefit of communication in my role is to make sure information is easily understood and transferred between therapist to therapist.

Learning Outcome 1.2

Knowing the audience to whom you are communicating with, makes communicating a lot easier. Depending on whom your audience is and what information they require, you may use different ways of communicating with them to get this information. For instance, my audience for information may be a patient on a small matter like needing a bed stick or a commode, for this I would only need a little bit of information. Again this would be different if say, our Rapid Response Nurse would get a call out to a patient who’s not very well and has fallen on the floor, they would ask different questions again like, past medical history, current diagnosis, and any emergency medical information.

Learning Outcome 1.3

Knowing the intended outcome you require from the communication makes it easier as you know exactly what information you need to have replied. When you know the outcome you know exactly what to communicate as you want the target to react in the intended way.

Learning Outcome 1.4

There are different methods of communicating, some are more useful than others for different reasons, so choosing the right method would be dependant on the outcome you want to achieve. Below I have listed the different types of communications and when’s best to use them.

Verbal communications

Verbal communications is simply to speak to the other person involved, this can be face to face, one to one, in a large group meeting, or over the phone. Being face to face with the person you are communicating with means you can see their response and...
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