Unit 4: Human Growth & Development Through the Life Stages

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  • Published : January 9, 2013
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Unit 4: Human Growth & Development through the life stages In this assignment I will research on the lifespan of someone in older adulthood 65+ years that I know personally and I’ll conduct an interview with my chosen individual. My chosen individual was my Grandma. She is 95 years old and she has experienced all the life stages expect for one because she has not reached them yet. Here is the information I found out about her physical, intellectual, social and emotional development during each life stage.

P1: Task 1 Describe physical, intellectual, emotional and social development for each of the life stages of an individual.

Physical Development
Physical Development of my Grandma from Life stage 3 my grandma at the age of 3 could go to the toilet on her own. This was due to environment around her. In life stage 4: Childhood the main that happened to her was the start of school because she was so protect an became more aware of herself physical especially when she was age 10. Life stage 5: Adolescence. Is when puberty started and physical my grandma could see that she had inherited a lot of physical features for example her mother and her grandma had large breast and she started developing large breast. Her period start and because my grandma got married young this meant she could have her first child and in Africa this is a big thing because this means that you have become a lady. Life stages 6 Adult hood, in this time my grandma said that in the begin of this stage when she was 21-22 years old that she was at her peak she had three kid and was happy but as the years pasted and she had more children it started become difficult and tried. She said “at first it felt weird but when I got use to it better this way”. Life stage 7: Older Adulthood My Grandmother is 95 years old so physical she is in good shape she can still walk and move around, but the illness that makes get around because she got arthritis but as for everything else is good. Intellectual Development

Intellectual Development of my grandma. Life stage 3: 0-3 years language skills developed because she could understand her native language and French this mad communication with the other around her easier. When she was 4-10 years old Life stage 4: Childhood the start of school was the main thing her it allowed her to learn new things and she enjoy it. Her each improve and by the year of 6 she could write and read in fluent French and her native language. My grandma at 8 years old use to families because with her sibling. By the time she was 10 her parent could not effort to send her to school anymore. Life stage 5: adolescence because my grandmother had to drop out of school she wanted to get married so she did at the age of 14, this allowed her to develop her mind more then the other girls in her age because she learnt about what it was like to be married at a young age. She also became smart street wise because she learnt thing that she never knew before. Life stage 6: Adulthood My grandmother has never had a job in her life because her job was to looking her children and husband. In this life stage my grandmother found out what it is like to have a family and how to take care of them. Life stage 7: My grandma in this stage has become so very wise because she has gone past more then 65 years of her life, the only problem is that she has started to forget thing that are in her short term memory but not the long term part. Social and Emotional Development

Life stage 3 my grandmother social and emotional development during this stage my grandmother didn’t get a lot of social practice because it was only her and her parents at that time. By the time she reached 6 years old (life stage 4) is developed even more especially emotional because she was able to understand that things were hard for her parent so there would be time where she would want something but because she knew that they didn’t have she wouldn’t ask, she started feeling...
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