Unit 4 D2

Topics: Writing, Corporation, Communication Pages: 3 (1084 words) Published: April 14, 2013
In this dincstintion assignment i am required to evaluate the effectiveness of business information and its communication using examples to illustrate my points. I am going to use the two organizations I used for my previous task which I p2. My chosen organization was Zara and in addition I will add Nestle company to it. Business information and its communication at Zara

Just as explained in my previous task, Zara is a big scale business and for this reason, the communication is really large. The company uses these three main ways to communicate and also gain information. They are Writing, web based and on screen. The first way the company uses is the writing communication. The company sends out written pay slips to its employees, letters to customers on different occasions, example if there is going to be an event within the company, new changes, or even if it’s the birthday of some of their customers. These form of communication has great advantages and this is because, the company and its employees are then able to keep records for themselves, the employee gets every detail of what they have done the whole month and also the company gets to keep them in their financial books. Also when the company sends outs hand written letters to its customers on special events, such as birthdays, sales etc this helps customers to feel wanted and appreciated, this sometimes even helps to retain old customers. Secondly they use the web, to communicate with their customers. The company owns a website and this website is one of the main ways they use to generate income. This is because they allow customers to order their clothing online. Also, the company sends emails to its customers whenever there are new collections. This is also very effective and this is because, we are in the modern world and almost everybody stays online, ordering things online is quicker and easier. Lastly, is the use of on screen, the company makes use of the onscreen within the...
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