Unit 4 Business Communication P1

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  • Published : October 18, 2011
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Type of information| Example| Purpose| Source|
Verbal| Staff meeting-A change in price’s on old stock.| Communicating sales promotions-Old stock has gone down in a sale to make way for new stock.| External source of information—Head office have rang or emailed the manager of the shop to let him/her know about price changes.| Verbal| Phone call-production has rang the shop.| Updating knowledge-The amount of units and time has changed on the delivery.| Internal source of information- Production has rang the sales manager to let him/her know the new time and amount of units for the delivery.| Written| A written check listed for restocking products.| Updating knowledge –s| | Written| Poster- Promoting the launch of the new kit.| Communicating sales promotions-Letting the customer know the date and price of the new kit.| Internal source of information- Marketing to promote new kit to the public| On-screen| TV-Advert advertising new products.| Communicating sales promotions-Letting the customers know about new products.| Internal source of information-From marketing who would create the ideas for advert.| Multimedia| A power point-showing the sales of kit sold over the month of kit launch.| Informing future developments-A slide show made for the retail managers to plan for future sales.| Internal source of information-Shop managers would of sent the sales to head office who have made a slide show of the sales of kit sizes sold for the retail manger to see which sizes of sold and which haven’t .| Web-based| Research-On competitive companies.| Offering competitive insight-The sales Manager would have searched the internet.| External source of information-The sales Manger would have researched competitive company prices n sales figures to pass onto the store managers to make sure they can compete with competitive companies.|
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