Unit 4. Ad Design Replication Scenario

Topics: Flexible single master operation, Domain Name System, Active Directory Pages: 2 (275 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Unit 4. AD Design Replication Scenario

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes
In this assignment, you will make recommendations in an AD Design Replication scenario.

Assignment Requirements
Review the following scenario:

You are an IT administrator for a company with an existing AD Forest. The company is adding two, new branch offices and you have been tasked with designing a replication strategy prior to DC deployment.

Branch1 will be connected to the Main Office via a pair of bonded T1 lines and will contain a Call Center with high employee turnover.

Branch2 will be in a very remote location and will be connected to the Main Office via a 56k POTS line.

Respond in detail with recommendations for site-link protocols and replication schedule/frequency, as well as the possibility of recommending/justifying redundant links to each branch.

Submission Requirements
1-2 pages, Microsoft Word, double-spaced, 12 pt. font

➢ Keep it simple and flexible; Plan for growth.
➢ Recommend RCP over IP for Branch 1 since they are using T1 Lines, recommend that Branch 2 use SMTP ➢ Recommend Spoke topology both site and network topology it should mirror each other ➢ Use dedicated domain controllers especially if you want to ensure security of your DC ➢ Have at least two DNS server – This will minimize downtime in the event that one fails. Use of multiple domain controllers is to provide a degree of fault tolerance in case one of the domain controllers fails ➢ Don’t neglect the FSMO roles (backups) daily between midnight and 0400 replication every 30 minutes to avoid latency ➢ Set up a manual site link bridge to increase performance by creating shortcuts between the two branches
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