Unit 305: Protect and Promote Children’s Rights

Topics: Human rights, Law, Minority group Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: June 4, 2013
Unit 305: Protect and Promote Children’s Rights

The Children’s act 2004 is the main piece of legislation that covers children’s rights. This legislation states that a child’s welfare is paramount. This act as been amended and updated to reflect on new issues and topics that have arisen over the years. The act was last updated in April 2007. The act now do give a guideline on the duty of care. These relate to my school, in which they state that it is the staff’s duty of work to ensure safeguarding and promote the welfare of children. There also should be training available for all staff or anyone in contact with children and families.

As well as the Children’s Act there is the United Nations Convention. This states the rights of the child. It states that every child has the right to express themselves, to have the right to play, to have a name and be free from exploitation. All together there are 54 articles and 2 optional protocols. This convention was the first legal document to give all children under the age of 18 rights under the law.

There are all different kinds of discrimination. These include: •Racial
Direct and indirect

In this area the most common form of discrimination is racial abuse with the influx or more ethnic minority groups. These affects can vary from child to child or even family to family. This can affect the child’s learning and development abilities by the loss of schooling through discrimination. This may cause the family to move several times which does not give a child a stable or secure environment in which they need to develop.
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