Unit 304 Promote Children and Young People’s Positive Behaviour

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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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Outcome 1

Obtain a copy of your schools behaviour policy and summarise it, write briefly on the main points of the policy including:

a)Code of conduct

Our policy has high expectations for both staff and pupils, I have highlighted the expectations in my policy attached, see DKB 1 and DKB 2.

b)Rewards and sanctions

See level 2

c)Dealing with conflict and inappropriate behaviour

See level 2

d)Anti bullying

We have a detailed policy regarding anti bullying which explains what bullying is, why it is important to respond to bullying, signs and symptoms of bullying and how to handle it. How it is dealt with is highlighted in the anti bullying policy DKB 3.

The school has just amended this section so that when a pupil is not in school by 0930hrs and no explanation has been given, a text is sent to the parent/guardian asking for an explanation as to why the pupil is absent. Children are encouraged to attend school regularly. A pupil is allowed 10 days of permitted absent for holidays.

Evaluate how your schools policies and procedures ensure that children are supported in each of these areas below

a)Feel safe
Our policy is very detailed and sets out procedures and expectations of what is expected by pupils and staff. It does help children to feel safe that any bad behaviour or untoward actions against another pupil will not be tolerated and will be acted upon to ensure a positive outcome. All staff ensure there is consistency in their approach to handling so that the pupils know what is expected of them, this will all help them to feel safe and secure. b)Make a positive contribution

The school policy encourages pupils to take ownership of their behaviour and acceptance and responsibility of their own actions. The school council is involved in all aspects of the school and have input with regards to the school rules and evaluating lessons with the relevant adults. At the beginning of every...
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