Unit 301 Communication Within School

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Unit 301: Unit assignment Mark Walter

Communication is simply the act of transferring information from one place to another or from one person to another. Although this is a simple definition, when we think about how we may communicate the subject becomes a lot more complex. There are various categories of communication and more than one may occur at any time. Communication is all about how people send signals to each other through, language, speech, facial expressions, gestures and body language (Tassoni 2010) and these are just when we hold a conversation with one another. There is also written and electronic method of communicating with each other. The act of communicating draws on several interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. These include speaking, listening, observing, questioning, processing, analyzing and evaluating. Recipients of a message must be able to identify the sender’s intent, take into account the message’s context, resolve any misunderstandings, accurately make out the information and decide how to act on it. Such skills are essential to learning, forming healthy relationships, creating a sense of community and achieving success in the workplace (Fleming 2012).

Effective communication is very important. People who have difficulties with their speech and communication skills may be disadvantaged when it comes to their development, whether it is in education, social skills or independence. All of these will impact on the childes future life and may shape their future. People with speech and communication difficulties development will suffer, the extent to how much is dependant on the individual and the nature of the difficulties they suffer from. People who have communication problems may suffer from a variety of issues, including frustration, anger, withdrawal, low confidence levels, lack of social skills, difficulties learning new information, behaviour problems, become isolated, being understood and understanding...
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