Unit 301

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  • Published : December 27, 2012
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Unit 301 – Communication and professional relationships
Effective communication is important in developing positive relationships with children, young people and adults because this encourages cooperation between pupils, parents and colleagues. It helps provide a challenging and stimulating learning environment which is accessible to all pupils. Everyone will feel welcomed and valued; everyone is respected as an individual. And finally, this will ensure a considerate and caring attitude is demonstrated towards pupils. 1.2, 2.1

The main principles of building positive relationships with children are remembering their names and pronouncing them correctly, being approachable, avoiding stereotypes and communicating in a sensitive way. The main principles of building positive relationships with young people are showing a genuine interest in what they say, listening to their point of view and showing them they are valued and important people. The main principles of building positive relationships with adults are behaving with courtesy and integrity, using language appropriate to them and remembering confidentiality. 2.3

When you communicate with adults, you need to avoid unnecessary technical jargon, use preferred names and modes of address, make them feel welcome and help to avoid possible misinterpretations concerning cultural differences by using TAs who share local community languages. When communicating with children, use language they understand. For both children and adults, it is important to adapt communication methods to suit individual language needs if they have additional needs such as a hearing impairment, for e.g. using sign language. Also provide a calm and accepting environment which allows people to experience and express their feelings safely and avoid using stereotype judgements and respect all cultural differences. 1.3

Personal friendships with children/ and their families may affect your professional relationships within the...
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