Unit 3 P1

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In task 1 I have asked to describe the basic marketing techniques that are used by Tesco and Mark and Spence. I should include the following points: The basic aims and marketing objectives for both companies.

Describe the company brand for both Tesco and M&S food.
Describe the ‘basic’ product range for both Tesco and M&S food. Explain what meant by relationship marketing is and how both companies have attempted to use Relationship Marketing.

You work for a Tesco within the marketing department. You have been informed that the company want to re-launch the ‘Value range’ of groceries to Everyday Essentials. You need to provide a detailed report to the board explaining the need for the marketing department to run the whole exercise. The report will include the following sections: Tesco’s current of marketing techniques in comparison to one of its direct competitors. The limitations and constraints that the marketing department needs to be aware of in running any new campaign. How to run effective target a specific group for a new product How to effectively go about producing a marketing strategy using the marketing mix tolls for a new product. Tesco

Tesco lunched their first store in London east end in 1919, by Jack Cohen. Over the years Tesco has lunched more new stores of Tesco across world, they trade in 14 countries and it is well known business on trend. Over 500 000 people are working for Tesco across the world and serving more than 10 million customers every week providing excellent customer service to our customers. We are now focusing on providing right things to our customers and communities that we serve. Tesco is global company and it is public limited company (plc) also it is known now as new franchise organisations. Over 6 200 stores Tesco has that are operating in markets.

Aims and objectives
The aims and objectives Tesco have set for their business are: To grow the UK cores
To be an outstanding...
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