Unit 3 - Health, Safety and Security in Heath and Social Care

Topics: Sociology, Foster care, Physical abuse Pages: 1 (267 words) Published: October 31, 2012
An incident that could occur in a health and social setting would be if someone in a foster home was being abused by a member of the family, either sexually, mentally or physically and the social worker had came to visit the family and spotted it then they would have to report it. They might then need to put it on the system that the person who had been fostering had abused a child so depending on how bad the child had been abused then they might not be able to foster again or if it wasn’t that bad then they might just take extra precautions and do more visits if they foster again. The social worker visiting the family would have to tell another member of staff and depending on how bad the abuse was the social worker might have to take the child off them and find a new home for them again. Some people can deal with incidents like this quite well depending on how long they have been in the job for but, if you’re not used to it you might need to get support for you to deal with the emotion and stress for you to carry on with the job. Emergencies:

An example of an emergency in a health and social care setting would be if you was in a care home for elderly people and one of them were to have a heart attack. If this was to happen then you would have to call 999 and vacate the area if there were any other residents around the area
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