Unit 3

Topics: Childhood, Child, Children's rights in the United Kingdom Pages: 5 (2023 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Unit 3 Supporting children

E1 - current laws that influence working practices in a setting for children are -United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989/1991 , Children Act 1989 , Children Act 2004 , Equality Act 2006 , speacial educational needs and disability act 2001. E2 - Uncrc legislation influence working practices in the setting by giving children their own special rights and allows childrens views to be heard.it defends the familys role in childrens lives , respects children , understands the importance of non - discrimination. Children act 1989 - protecting children , parental responsibility and inspecting the setting known for the childrens must come first and the childrens views and opinions are taken into account. Childrens act 2004 - works to make sure that different services and professionals work together more effectively to meet the needs of the children. Equality act 2006 - it enforces equality of age , disability , gender , race and religion. treats all children fairly and as equals. special educational needs and disability act 2001- strengthenes the rights of access of parents and children in mainstream education , needs to make adjustments to the setting to accommodate a child with special educational needs or a disability. E3 - polices and procedures will help safeguard children by having polices such as mobile phone polices so staff cannot have their mobile phones in the setting or in the classroom. food hygiene polices food stored correctly , clean food preperation areas so their is no infection and the children dont become ill, also check if the food is in date. coshh - harmful products stored away so the children cant get to them . risks assessments so the area the children are in are safe or the equipment the children use is safe.all staff in the setting must have a crb . its important that suitable staff are appointed. E4- Policies and procedures promote fair , just and inclusive strategies by valuing all familes and taking in to account the religion of the children (eg) islam , buddisum , ability - mobility , speech inpearment which may need special equipment ." this is important as children deserve to be treated fairly and should be given every opportunity to achieve their potential"( tassoni , 2007 , p120).the benefits of inclusion for the child wont feel left out and feel valued / wont feel singled out also it will make children awear that we are all different . we must educate children that we are all different.parent will feel confident that their child is getting a good education , child is being looked after and know that their child is being treated fairly.staff will learn new skills from training programmes and have a better understanding about diversity.safeguarding and promoting childrens welfare - do a register so they know how many children are in , suitable premises - clean safe environment , safe equipment do risk assesments , suitable persons - ratios , crb checks and qualifications , organisation - key workers , planning , correct equipment , documentation - locked filing cabinets and passwords on the computer. E5 - the setting can empower children to develop independence and self reliance by letting children take responsiblity (eg) children having choices , being in control . in my setting children take responsibility for washing their hands before dinner time , tidying up after play , for their work. self reliance involves dependence on own capablities and personal resources , think for themselves , confididence in their own ablities and actions (eg) getting dressed , brushing teeth .self - efficacy will give children belief that they are capable and that they can have control over how well they do , a child without a strong sense of self - efficacy may start from the assumption that a task may be too hard for them and they cannot do anything about it .practitoners need to recognise that children will dvelop at their own pace given developmentaly...
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