Unit 21aspects of Contract and Business Law

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Unit 21

Aspects of Contract & Business Law

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UNIT 21 Aspects of Contract & Business Law

You have decided to take an interest in Law especially Contract and Business law. You have managed to get some work experience within Wilkins & Co law firm that deal with these aspects on a day to day basis. Before you start helping the legal team, Baroness Wilkins wishes to test your legal knowledge in these two areas. Complete the following by building up a portfolio of evidence and case law to hand in on the date provided.

Criteria P1

Task 1
Produce a poster of the essential elements of a contract then prepare a factsheet explaining the essential elements of a contract in an area of your choice.

Examples, your own mobile phone contract, college contract or other contracts that you are interested in.

(Make sure you cover when and how a contract comes in to existence, invitations to treat, offer, acceptance and counter offers.)

Criteria M1

Task 2
Taking what you have done with P1 a stage further, write up and analyse the impact of the requirements of the contract you have chosen.

(Don’t forget look at the strengths and weaknesses of the formation of the contract, include relevant problems that you have looked at such as: good or weak about the offer, implications of pricing through invitation to treat, clarity of communication and capacity for acceptance, likelihood of counter offers.)

Criteria P2/D1

Task 3
Prepare a report explaining how statutes affect contractual terms and the meaning of key terms in a contract with an evaluation at the end.

(for P2, describe what express & implied terms are in relation to a contact you have studied and how each affected by statute. Statutes are Acts of Parliaments, e.g. Sale of Goods Act 1979, or Unfair Contract terms Act 1997)

(For D1, a justified conclusion needs to be reached, on how well the business protects its self from things like non payment or failure of delivery. You should also look at how adequately the buyer is protected from issues such as poor quality or late delivery.)

Criteria P3

Task 4
Prepare a presentation in your own words describing the effects of legislation on contracts for the sale of goods to protect consumers.

(Make sure you describe the Sale of Goods Act 19. Include quality and fitness for purpose; make sure you relate to the goods you have chosen.)

Criteria P4

Task 5
Describe how consumers might be protected in a contract for the supply of goods and services such as faulty plumbing of a new kitchen.

(Describe the Supply of Goods and services Act 1982. Include the quality and delivery of services, relating to the service that is required.)

Criteria M2

Task 6
Analyse how consumers are protected in the event of a breach of contract for the supply/sale of goods or services.

(You should analyse, include benefits & weaknesses, specific issues relating to the creation of the contract, e.g. exclusion clauses and how consumers might be protected in the event of a breach of contract, then discuss how effective the legislation is.)

Criteria P5

Task 7
Use a contract you have been studying and describe the remedies available for a breach...
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